Community Transmission

Community Transmission

The St. Louis beer scene has always been there for us. It’s time to be there for them.


The St. Louis beer scene has always been there for us. It’s time to be there for them. CoVid-19 has caused major disruptions and like everyone else, our beer community has had to react. Workers have been furloughed, hours have been drastically cut and taprooms have been closed. Now is your chance to help the people who have spent their lives making our lives better. STLBEER presents COMMUNITY TRANSMISSION, an online initiative and live-streamed event, to put money directly into the hands of brewery employees affected by the pandemic.

100% of profits raised from the COMMUNITY TRANSMISSION initiative will be split evenly and distributed out to our regional brewing industry employees who have been furloughed or had their hours significantly reduced as a result of CoVid-19 closures and disruptions. Whether making direct donations or buying some of our great merch, you are making a huge difference.

Pop open some local brews at home while tuning in to COMMUNITY TRANSMISSION, a 2-day, 10-hour live-streamed fundraising event full of fun beer and so much great music. Our “beerathon” of sorts will bounce around the region checking in with our local breweries and listening to short sets from area musicians all from their socially distant venues. From donations to sponsorships to lots of great commemorative merchandise, there will be many chances to help all of your favorite beer people. Community Transmission will stream live from Noon-5pm on April 25 and 26 on YouTube, Facebook Watch, and right here at
** Final lineup of participating breweries and musicians still in planning.

Please consider making a Direct, Tax-deductible financial donation to the St. Louis brewers Heritage Foundation now. 100% of all money raised through Direct online donations during the month of April (unless otherwise directed by the donor) will be added to the fund to be distributed equally to local Brewery employees facing facing furloughs and reductions of hours and tips due to the CoVid-19 pandemic. . Direct donations made through Paypal also have all fees waived…so literally 100% of what you give is going to those in need.

To give directly with a check, please mail:
The Saint Louis Brewers Heritage Foundation
7211 Southwest Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63143

Want to help even more? Just help us share news about this event on social media so a ton of people tune in. And honestly… do you have something better to do than spend your weekend with our local brewing community throwing back beers?

We are actively seeking out generous individuals and businesses who might consider making a significant, tax-deductible donation or sponsorship for this initiative. For questions email Troika Brodsky at